Blogger 4 Freedom… From Fat


My 2014-2016 Transformation

You might be questioning the name of this site: Bloggers for Freedom. But hey, isn’t this a weight loss blog? Yes, yes it is. I named it Bloggers for Freedom because there is no other word to describe the feeling after I discovered a healthy lifestyle. It’s kind of like the feeling after you take a really big dump but multiplied times a hundred.

My name’s Ben [learn more about me here] and I underwent a drastic makeover the last two years. I traded my junk food diet for a healthy paleo diet. I turned off the TV and put on the running shoes. I traded an hour of Warcraft a day for an hour at my local gym. And how do I feel? One word: FRICKIN FREE. My road to health has been the hardest road I have ever traveled. It was filled with blood and sweat and a drastic lack of oreos, but at the end of the road was something I didn’t realize was missing from my life: happiness.

And that’s what I want to give to you. I’ll go through the specific ways that worked for me: diet hacks, exercise routines, and most importantly: ways to change habits. It’s often overlooked, but changing your schedule and setting yourself up for success will be one of the most critical aspects of your weight loss. Seriously. Now let’s go kick some ass!

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The following videos are a source of inspiration to me in my time of weakness. I hope you’ll find the same solace that I found.