Beer and Sausage Diet

Beer and Sausage diet

What is the Beer and Sausage Diet?

Do you feel like diets take all the joy out of eating? It does not have to be this way! There is a new diet in town. The beer and sausage diet is taking the world by storm. One many lost almost fifteen pounds on the beer and sausage diet. Surprisingly the beer and sausage diet allows you to eat a decent amount per day. Two sausages and Six beers can be consumer each day on the beer and sausage diet. This is what makes the beer and sausage diet so favorable to many people. Although it depends on what type of beers you drink and what types of sausages you eat.

 Types of Beer

Some beers have a lot more calories than others. For example, a light beer may have only 120 calories in it but an IPA can have up to 300 or 400 calories! Wow, that’s a lot, right? Many diet call for the removal of alcohol from your diet altogether. That is way the beer and sausage diet looks favorable to a lot of people in younger generations.

The Benefits

The drinking culture in the United States is more popular than ever and people do not want to miss out on all the action because they are on a diet. Alcohol tends to be the reason that so many people fall off of their diets to begin with. While the sausage and beer diet should not be used long term, it is very easy to manage because it encourages drinking and does not cause you to cheat on your diet.

Types of Sausages

Another thing that is great about the beer sausage diet is that you can add veggies to your diet without it negatively effecting your results. The people who successfully lost weight with the beer and sausage diet maintained the diet for 30 days. Sausages made from pigs, chickens, turkeys, goats and cows are all acceptable while on the diet. Sausages of all varieties can be consumed while on the diet. Here is a list of just a few of the most popular sausages:

Andouille, bangers, Berliner, blood sausage, bologna sausage, bratwurst, chorizo, frankfurters, frizzes, kielbasa, knackwurst, linguica, liver sausage, Lebanon sausage, mortadella, salami, dry sausage, Vienna sausage, weisswurst. In addition to that there is also hot dogs and all the breakfast sausages at your local grocery store. As you can see, that is quite a selection. For a full list of all the types you can click here or you can just check it out on Wikipedia.

Good luck with your diet!