Learn How To Make Carbonated Water At Home

How To Make Carbonated Water

Benefits Of Carbonated Water

We live in a society where healthy choices are valued and not so healthy ones are frowned upon. If you told people you had a cheeseburger at a fast food restaurant you may get some glare or “how could you?” remarks. On the other hand, if you told people you had a veggie burger from a local farm to table restaurant you might be applauded. Weight loss is always our goal. Although, we always talk about healthy food. Let’s switch gears and talk about the beverage choice. Soda, while still very delicious is no longer the cool thing to drink. Sparkling water is now the in beverage and it is good for you! Sparkling water has been popular over in Europe for quite some. In some European countries it is preferred over still water. Recently, sparkling water has become very popular in the United States. However, it comes at a heavy price. A single bottle of sparkling water can cost over 3 dollars at the grocery store and can cost almost 10 dollars at a nice restaurant. While I cannot help you with the restaurant water prices, I can help you with the at home prices. Instead of buying sparkling water at the store, I will show you how to make carbonated water at home. It is really easy, you just need a few things [besides water] and they are all very cheap. Here are the things you will need:

• Water
• Water Filter
• Fresh Citrus fruit or cucumber (optional)
• CO2 injector or Soda Stream
• Pitcher
• Glass or Plastic Bottles

How To Make Carbonated Water – Step One

Step one: get a water filter that you trust to filter you water to give it that high quality taste. I like Brita filter. Although, that is just a personal preference. You can use whatever you like best. After you buy your water filter, run a quart of water through and you will be ready for step two.

How To Make Carbonated Water – Step Two

Step Two: If you do not want to know how to make carbonated water that is flavored, skip this step and move to step three. Cut up your fruit, place it in a pitcher and pour your water over top. Place the pitcher in the refrigerator overnight.

How To Make Carbonated Water – Step Three

Step Three: Now that you have your water flavored, bottle the water and inject C02 into the water. Depending on which product you use to this, the instructions will differ. However, follow the instructions on the device you bought and you now have carbonated water. Super cheap and super simple. This is way healthier than soda or even iced tea. I save hundreds of dollars a year using this exact method.


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