Most Successful Diet Plans

Most Successful Diet Plans

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Hey everybody! I hope you all have been well and having success with your diets. Dieting can be tough, finding the right diet plan for you can be even tougher. There are so many diet plans out there it is hard to sift through all the crappy ones to find one that will really work for you. The only way you can really know if diet plan does not work is trying it for yourself. Everybody is different and different diets work for different people. What works for you may not work for someone else. However, some diet plans have higher success rates than others. In this article I will discuss the most successful diet plans of all time. Hopefully one (if not many) of these will work for you and help you on your weight loss journey.

Most Successful Diet Plans – Weight Watchers

Weight watchers might be the most popular diet of all time. Weight Watcher relies solely on calorie counting. You are allotted a certain number of calories a day. Stay under the total calories per day and you will absolutely lose weight. On the weekends you get some extra Calories to enjoy the snacks you may not eat during the week. If a diet removes all the things that you love, you will most definitely quit. Weight Watchers found the happy medium that allows for you to still enjoy your favorite foods to keep you from getting anxious and failing altogether.

However, Weight Watchers can be quite pricy. If you do not have the cash to shell out for weight watchers, you can easily make your own calorie counting diet. Search the web, you will find sights that allow you to enter your height, age and gender to figure out how many calories a day you can consume and still lose weight. However, calorie counting diet plans will take time to lose weight. While no diet plan will help you lose weight over time, calorie counting is a slower weight loss program. Although, if you throw in some exercise for thirty minutes every day you can expedite the process.

Most Successful Diet Plans – Mediterranean Diet

Considered to be the healthiest diet on the face of the earth. The Mediterranean Diet is all about eating fruit, veggies and whole grained foods. Nothing processed or with added sugars is consumed during the Mediterranean diet. Not only do people lose weight on this diet but they claim to have many health issues improve. They also claim to have a boost in overall quality of life. Although, some organic sweets are allowed. This diet is not vegetarian although, it does limit the amount of meat that is consumed.

Most Successful Diet Plans – South Beach Diet

The south beach diet has been around for quite a while. This diet also focuses on a long term weight loss goal instead of a short term one. this diet cuts out bad carbs and fats and increases fiber.


If you have any more diet suggestions, please leave a comment below. I hope you all enjoyed the successful diet plans.


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