Veggies That Kill Stomach Fat

 Vegetables and health

Veggies That Kill Stomach Fat- beansJust about everyone knows that vegetables are great for the body and promote weight loss. As well as, hold nutrients and vitamins that key to our livelihood.  but did you know there are veggies that kill stomach fat? Yeah, you heard me, veggies that KILL stomach FAT. It sounds too good to be true but it’s not! There is dieting, and there is dieting done right. You are in the right spot for dieting done right. Supplement your meals with veggies that kill stomach fat will allow you to eat more on a daily basis without gaining weight or leave you feeling guilty from consuming too many calories.

Veggies That Kill Stomach Fat – Benefits

Veggies That Kill Stomach Fat - broccoliIt is no secret that belly fat or stomach fat is regarded as highly unattractive. However, no matter how fit some people are, it is struggle to lose belly fat. Take it from me, I had a gut for so long despite being physically active more than five days a week. I eat an extremely organic and healthy diet but I am just a bloated person. I do not consumer any trans fats and consume little to no saturated fats. So why I had belly fat was beyond me. However, I discovered that there are veggies that kill stomach fat and I have really lost a lot of the fat is my belly, yay! A win for the tubby ones out there, or as Gabriel Iglesias says the “fluffy” ones!

On top of veggies that kill stomach fat, there are also some other foods that will do the same thing. One study actually suggested that wine prohibits that build of fat cells in the stomach when consumed on a regular basis but I am skeptical about that. If you are interested in that one; give it some research and leave your findings in the comments section because I am curious to know if there is any truth to that. Here is where I found the article.

Moving on… My Top veggies that kill stomach fat:

Veggies That Kill Stomach Fat – Top 3

Veggies That Kill Stomach Fat - avocadoAvocados – While guacamole is not very healthy, avocados are extremely healthy and are and is one of my top veggies that kill stomach fat. Avocados are one of the only that contain a healthy saturated fat. Avocados are a nutrient dense food and contain more than fifteen vitamins. They are also extremely fibrous and this is what makes them one of the veggies that kill stomach fat.  Not to mention, avocados are super delicious and are one of my favorite snacks. Cute one in half, sprinkle a little salt and pepper over the top, grab a spoon and you have yourself a really great Sunday snack!

Broccoli- Broccoli while still delicious is another veggie that’s nutritious. Yes, I was going for the rhyme there one purpose, in case you were wondering.  Broccoli is considered one of the worlds healthiest foods and is a great source of vitamin A and B, copper, zinc and calcium. Broccoli also contains indole-3-carobinol which is known to kill environmental estrogen which is attributed to fat gains, specifically in the stomach.

Beans- Beans are extremely fibrous which makes them great for killing fat. Foods that are fibrous will cause your body to burn calories just to break them down.  Foods like beans that are low in calories, will actually result in negative calories when you factor in how many calories it takes to bring them down.

There are many more veggies that kill stomach fat, as I have only listed my top three veggies that kill stomach fat. Keep dieting and keep reading my blog. Thanks so much for reading!


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