Weight Loss Contest Ideas

Getting People To Exercise

Have you ever wanted to get your friends involved in the exercises that you do every day? If you are anything like me, you might be more into fitness than all of your pals. While some of my friends like to workout, a lot of them just talk about how they are planning to get fit or go to the gym and never actually do it. This drives me crazy, I recently heard about weightless contest ideas and I thought it would be a good way to give them a little motivation. Besides, I know that there are times I wished someone had been around to motivate me to do something when I could not find the motivation myself.

It may be difficult to come up with your own weight loss contest ideas that is why I am providing you with the weight loss contest ideas I heard about in the past. In my opinion, nothing is more motivating than competition with your friends. Losing a game to one of my closest friends is perhaps the most frustrating thing. There are many weight loss contest ideas, anything from measuring pants sizes or donating to a charity or you choosing. I will give the details on this later. For men, weight loss can be an extremely important aspect of male enhancement. If you are under preforming in the bedroom or trying to increase your game check out this site: https://bestnewsupplements.com/natural-male-enhancement-reviews/

Weight Loss Contest Ideas – Rules

The first thing you need to do is invite your participants and figure out how many people will be competing. Once you find out how many competitors you have, you will need to have everyone sit down and go over the ground rules. Obviously, people are all different sizes so the weight loss will vary for each person. In other words, if one person weighs 200 pounds and loses 10 pounds that is five percent. Another person weighs 100 pounds and loses ten pounds that is 10 percent. Heavy people can lose weight a lot more easily than light people. After all, they have a lot more to lose. To make the competition fair you need to make the weight loss goal a percentage not a fixed number.

weight loss contest ideas - sabotage Furthermore, you need to discourage weightless by unhealthy methods such as starvation. Also, you will want to state weather or not sabotage will be allowed.  Is it okay to send a tray of candy and cakes to a competitor’s house in order to get them to fail? It may anger some people and spoil the game, but for some people it adds to the fun and the competitive nature. I think, it is an addition to the game but not everyone feels that way.

Weight Loss Contest Ideas – The Challenge

Now that the rules are set, it’s time to set the goal. Pick a goal that is achievable for everyone but will not encourage unhealthy behaviors. Once an unhealthy behavior is introduced into a person’s life, it is extremely hard to unlearn. This is the reason people who become bulimic or anorexic often go to a rehabilitation facility to unlearn the behavior and return to a healthy lifestyle.  Let’s say, whoever can lose 10% of their body weight in a six-month period will get to split the pot. Have everyone throw in 100 dollars at the beginning of the competition. A competition like this will encourage sabotage because no one will want to split that money!

Weight Loss Contest Ideas – Competition

Weight loss contest ideas - skinnyIf these weight loss contest ideas do not sound appealing than feel free to come up with your own weight loss contest Ideas. Just make sure your weight loss contest ideas only encourage healthy weight loss and keep the competition fair and fun! Good luck with your weight loss and please share your weight loss contest ideas at the bottom of this post! These weight loss contest ideas can be used in the office too.


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